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Fwd: 🎁 Major Announcement: Over $10,000 new bonuses added! - Unbelievable

Fwd: 🎁 Major Announcement: Over $10,000 new bonuses added! - Unbelievable - Hi, friend Domain Info For Website, in this article entitled Fwd: 🎁 Major Announcement: Over $10,000 new bonuses added! - Unbelievable, we have prepared this article well and concise to be easy to understand for you to read and can be taken inside information. hopefully the contents of the post that we write this you can understand and useful. okay, happy reading.

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Date: Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 8:45 PM
Subject: 🎁 Major Announcement: Over $10,000 new bonuses added! - Unbelievable


You know what I love?

Bonuses for one… my colleagues and marketing partners have just pitched in over $8,000 worth of bonuses and I can't believe the kind of stuff they've given… check it out here.

You know what ELSE I love?

When business owners are focused on relationships, there isn't any kind of territorial competitiveness.

Because they aren't worried about losing clients to someone else.

They know they have a never-ending pool of prospects and they know how to turn those prospects into clients. By taking the relationship and trust they have and using it to create real business conversations that lead to the sale.

Here's a prime example - I've asked my marketing partners if they'd like to chip in and help amazing businesses flourish (that's you by the way) and without question, they all said they'd love to!

Here's a quick rundown of all the bonuses that you're going to be getting when you take action:

  1. T. Harv Eker's "$500 Million Dollar Business Secret" -
    Learn the nuts and bolts principles to being a great marketer. Learn how selling is very one dimensional but marketing is multi-dimensional, it's not generally what technique you use to market it's more how you market and which resonates with you as a person. And even more marketing and sales strategies that most gurus aren't willing to share. People pay up to $5,000 for an hour with Harv and you're getting access to him for just over an hour free when you join The Appointment Generator. Don't miss this.
    Total Value: $1,297

  2. Triple Bonus! Jeff Bullas, the king of content, has 3 amazing bonuses...

    1. Free Access to Jeff's 7 Steps to Blogging Mastery Course
    2. Jeff's book on driving free traffic from Twitter.
    3. Jeff's book on 101+ Tips and Tactics to Grow Your Web Traffic

    Total Value: $1,255

  3. Eric Lofholm's Elite Sales Success

    Like Eric says, "If you're in business, then you're in sales!" Eric Lofholm, the world-class sales trainer is sharing his secrets in a step-by-step system to get more leads, book more appointment and close more sales. The system you'll learn is based on a foundation of common sense principles and strategies that you can apply in your sales process to make selling simpler and most importantly, predictable.

    Total Value: $997

  4. Double Bonus! Ryan Levesque's World Class Sales Techniques

    In his World Class Sales Techniques Training, Ryan reveals how to sell Big Ticket items like coaching, live events, masterminds and more... PLUS, he's agreed to GIVE YOU the "Secrets to $5 Billion in Sales" training he recorded with Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark on TV's Shark Tank and Inventor of the Infomercial.

    Total Value: $798

  5. Suzanne Evan's "Hell Yes" Marketing Bundle


    The Entrepreneur's Dilemma: How to avoid the 3 Business mistakes that keep entrepreneurs confused, broke and frustrated (E-Book)

    1K in 1 Day : Step by step how to live the life of your dreams, do what you love and spend time with your family by earning 1K in 1 Day (Training system)

    Renegade Niche Finder (3-Part Video Training and workbook series)

    Getting Clients for Life: 12 Step Guide to Build Lifelong Relationships with Paying Customers (Ebook)

    Super Secret Resource List: Suzanne's must have list of Books, Websites and Apps for Business Management, Personal Health and Travel

    Sells for: $500

  6. John Corcoran's Revenue Booster Program

    When you want to scale your business, you turn to John. His program will help you get more clients, stop trading hours for dollars, and start building a truly leveraged business that scales.

    Sells for: $497

  7. MP3 download of Zig Ziglar's audio: Closes, Closes, Closes

    Closes, Closes, Closes features Zig Ziglar, the sales legend, as he demonstrates the numerous sales closes described in his best-selling book, Secrets of Closing the Sale. If you ever struggled with closing a sale, this has you covered! An invaluable sales training tool as you learn the "How-To's" of sales closing techniques.

  8. From Rich German, 2 Tickets to JVX: The JV Experience Live

    Along with a friend, you'll get to attend our one-of-a-kind 3-day live event where you will connect with hundreds of JV partners who will eagerly promote you to the world! Attended by some of the most successful coaches, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs, this event will allow you to quickly and easily build connections with potential partners and collaborate with them and grow your business through joint ventures!

    PLUS, you'll get to witness our infamous JV Shark Attack, which features a panel of some of the top industry Leaders... this is NOT to be missed!

    Total Value: $1000

  9. Lisa Sasevich's 'Discover Your Unique Branded System' Training

    This is an exclusive training just for those who join The Appointment Generator. Includes an audio training, worksheet and 2-hour group coaching call with the Queen of Sales Conversions, Lisa Sasevich. This is the #1 thing you can put in place to establish yourself as an authority and be successful at converting all the appointments you generate with The Appointment Generator.

    Total Value: $1,000 for this exclusive, private event with Lisa.

  10. GKIC's Copywriting Mastery & Sales-Thinking Bootcamp:

    Writing successful copy has as much to do with successful thinking as it does writing. If you have an unquenchable hunger for strategies and techniques that will make you a master of "sales-thinking" and want to propel your writing skills from where they are now to extraordinary, you've come to the right place.

    - Dramatically Improve Your Earning Power
    - Make All The Money You Like With Less Stress And Strain
    - Create A Life of Abundance and Peace of Mind

    Become a master at writing persuasive copy by using techniques and strategies such as how to use fear, anxiety and guilt to encourage action and how to write a compelling story (a skill that separates journeyman copywriters from the masters). Learn how to effectively use a procedure Dan Kennedy calls the most powerful sales technique ever invented, how to bond with your reader by using "the enemy in common" technique, how to establish authority with your reader and much, much, much more.

    Total Value: $997

  11. Caitlyn Pyle's Money Mindset Premium Workshop:

    Stop looking at money as your biggest roadblock… and start using it as a tool toward the life you deserve. Instead of seeing money as a never-ending problem, I will show you that money is a tool you can use to solve your problems. You will learn how to transform your money mindset into one that works for you -- not against you.(None of that make-believe stuff, either -- just pure action to make it happen.)

    Sold for $97 (free for you)

  12. JVIC's Virtual Product Creation Clinic

    This is a new and improved version of our virtual workshop where you'll come up with your million-dollar idea and turn it into practical program that people will jump to participate in. This is one of my hottest trainings... yours FREE when you take action now.

    Total Value: $2,000

That's a total of $10,468 in ADDITIONAL Bonuses when you join The Appointment Generator!

I know.

No need to pinch yourself… you're not dreaming.

If you want everything above AND all of the coaching and training that is included in The Appointment Generator click here to get started for just $397 today and claim your bonuses!

Let me say that again.

If you join The Appointment Generator before Wednesday at 12:00 midnight Pacific time, you're going to get all $10K+ in partner bonuses plus…

Everything else you're already getting when you join The Appointment Generator (for a total of $27,535 that you only pay a tiny fraction of, PLUS the two guarantees that ensure you get 10+ leads every month…)

You can read about all of that here.

I want to share the REAL value, something you can't put a price on. Stuff like this (read 'till the end)…

"Amongst several new "leads" I have formed relationships that I see as lasting my lifetime. One example from one relationship, there are others as well, turned into the Founder and President of his University asking me to become the CFO of the university, and further, to be keynote speaker at four of his event.

The first will be in March, in New York, Time Square speaking to over 2000 C-Suite executives who have each paid well over $1,500 just to attend the two day event. He is calling other CEO's and setting appointments for me, handing me off to them. This one relationship will be worth millions of dollars to me in the coming few years. One other is an owner of a CPA firm that has 25 offices nationwide and 50k associates.

I could give many more examples as to the relationships and leads that have already been developed in the short amount of time I have been in the program.

It has given hope to our financial future. I have not mentioned this but, my wife has cancer and I need to make money to pay for her treatments, and giving her peace of mind is one of the most important gifts I can give her as we thank God everyday for the breath he puts in each of our lives."

- Tim Hensley, Owner of The Hensley Group

I can't guarantee those same results for you, but I can guarantee that the system will put you in front of the EXACT people who will move your career and your business forward. To be more specific, i can guarantee at least 10 high-quality leads every single month!

AND because of that, no matter what you believe in, or what you want the money for - whether it be for expensive medical bills, scaling your business, buying a house, taking a vacation, making memories with loved ones, giving to causes you care about, or just the ability to take simple, quiet moments by yourself -

It can change your business and your life.

I've seen it over and over again.

Join The Appointment Generator today and see for yourself.

Here's to you and YOUR future!




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