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Fwd: Starbucks story

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From: Jeff Samis <>
Date: Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 5:01 PM
Subject: Starbucks story

Ever go to Starbucks?

I do.

And one of the things I hate?

Is when people in front of me order complicated drinks.

or order this Cafe Breve ( Cappuccino w/ 1/2 & 1/2 )...

(and the cashier has no clue, what that is... and a discussion is launched as to what it is, and how to make it... and you must speak in Starbux parlance, pray tell don't (they embarrass you) but when you do they don't understand it either.... go figure... but I digress)

Coffee snobs, I call 'em.

You know the ones.

Usually college chicks .or. 'guys.'

Takes 'em seven sentences to order a latte.

It's like, Jesus, Brittany.

It's caffeine.

In a cup.

This shouldn't be so hard.

And why all the toppings?

7 pumps etc...

Empty calories, B!

You walked in a Delta. If you ain't careful, you'll walk out a diabetic.

But I digress, yet again.

Back to simplicity. I LOVE it.

Which means I hate complexity.

So I can't help but notice when humans take something easy… and make it hard.


In this case?

I don't blame Brittany.

I blame Starbucks. They're the ones with all the obnoxious options.

Venti this. Drizzle that. Almond milk, Soy, sweeteners, syrups.

And don't even get me started on the "secret menu" .or. hacked menu.

It's like…

Who's got more to think about these days - baristas or brain surgeons?


Now here's the thing.

Gurus pull the same stuff.

They make everything harder than it has to be.

In fact.

I'd go so far as to say:

The more difficult they make it seem, the more they profit.


I've got a theory. Ready for it?

Here goes.

They're afraid nobody'll pay big money for simple solutions.

So they use complexity to:

#1, create demand.

And #2, raise the perceived value of their course.

(Or whatever they're selling.)

Cuz, hey, if their training's technical and tedious and full of terms you've never heard of before?

They must know something you don't.

And it must be worth a lot.


(Hook, line, aaand sinker.)

Oh it gets better though.

Guru Gary knows his "system" doesn't work.

So he has to make his modules painfully-long.

And pile on the homework.

To make sure you'll never actually get through it.

So that, when you fail?

It's YOUR fault.

Not his.

In other words.

Complexity keeps these "experts" from getting exposed.

What's that?

You'll just ask for a refund?

Good luck.

The fine print sneakily says you have to show proof that you completed all 1,937 steps!

Too bad, so sad.

Another internet marketing investment and weeks of hard work... up in smoke.

And all you got was a pounding headache and a colossal credit card bill.


Enough ranting.

Just be careful out there.

If someone's trying to sell you something and they can't explain it in 10 words or less?

There's probably a reason for it.

(Think MLM comp plans.)

So what about Jess and I?

What do we do?

We run ads for businesses.

Five words.

Pretty self-explanatory.

It's not new. It's not sexy. And it's anything but complicated.

It doesn't need to be.

Cuz it's real. And it works. For the average person.

Which is why we tell it, sell it, and teach it like it is.

So yeah.

Like this quote says:

"There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth." - Leo Tolstoy

Jess and I believe that... and we hope it reflects in how we market and manage TPL.

And we'd still love to have you applied?.

My thanks in advance for your time attention & consideration.

João A. D'Silva


%Jeff & Jess


Samis Enterprises Inc. Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0P1 Canada

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