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Earning a living through automated passive income online is the ultimate freedom.

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Earning a living through automated passive income online is the ultimate freedom. It's how I live my life and also what I teach.

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Think about what life is like for most people:

- Most people can't simply do what they want when they want: 9-5 grind plus financial strain limiting options during their free time
- Most people can't do everything where they want: think of all the time wasted in COMMUTE to that 9-5 job, plus most people would rather live in a better city in a bigger house
- Most people can't do everything HOW they want even: bosses demand they do things a certain way, or financial/time constraints even limit how they can do something they want to (i.e. no first class travel)

When you look at how most people live their lives, it's 40 years or more of working a job, getting worn out by it, trying to live life in an ever decreasing amount of spare time.

Oh, and 40 years is the low end these days. Most people can't afford to both save for retirement and have enough money to enjoy life even remotely how they want, so they choose one or the other.

Most people then look back on their life with an enormous amount of regret. They can never get all that time in the prime of their life back. It's gone - pretty much wasted.

For what? To give someone ELSE (the business owner they worked for) the freedom that they themselves truly deserved.

Because freedom isn't much if they have to work their whole life to finally achieve it and then they're "enjoying" it in the twilight of their life. So really, that 40+ years of 9-5 wasn't earning them freedom, it was sustaining someone else's.

What's worse is that what happens to the next generation? Student loan debt is only skyrocketing, but the younger generations are told they NEED a college degree because they NEED a job and "good" jobs won't hire you without one.

You know, "good" jobs paying $35,000 to $50,000. May not sound bad for some parts of the country, but oh yea, there's that student loan debt saddling them for often 10 years.

And don't forget, after "enjoying" school for 16+ years to earn the opportunity to start earning that kind of money, they have to work around 2,000 hours a year for that.

This is all most people know. This is LIFE to most people. They have no idea there's even an alternative, or they simply think it's not truly available to them.

Now look at the life of someone (me) earning a living through automated passive income online:

- I can do what I want when I want. That's not to say I never do ANY work, but I'm constantly earn money even when I don't.
- I can do everything where I want. Earning money online is freeing since I can do that from anywhere in the world.
- I can do everything HOW I want. I own my own business and I call the shots. I also earn enough that most things short of buying my own private island I can do without having to worry about my bank balance.

I'm in my 30s and I haven't had a 9-5 job in many years. I retired early - way early.

Most people are having to worry about the present - I don't have to worry about the present OR the future. Barring the sudden demise of the internet, I'm set for life.

I spend my time how I want to, and I will not need to look back on my life with regret 10, 20, 30 years from now. There are no opportunities I'm passing up.

I'm not saddled with debt. In fact, I get to use credit cards the way they're meant to be used - earning rewards and paying the balance each month so I'm basically getting free stuff for nothing.

I can also help make sure my children never have to toil through what most people call life - endless work for little reward at the end.

The crazy part? I didn't need a degree for this. There are guys doing this that didn't even make it through high school.

I'm not some prodigy that is especially gifted at something.

I'm not running the 40 in 4.2, I don't have a killer jumpshot, not winning any long drive competitions any time soon, and not benching ridiculous weight.

I'm not exceptionally smart or funny, can't belt out showtunes on key or play killer guitar, and not whipping up a signature dish anytime soon.

I'm not alone either. Sure, some that do what I do have some of those talents, but they don't NEED them to do what I do.

So...which sounds better? What most people have to live through or how I enjoy life?

Who knows, maybe when we invent age reversal and time travel, people won't have to care. But you can't turn back the clock. It's always going forward. Time wasted is gone forever.

The good news? It's never too late to start striving to live life how I live it vs. how most people live it.

Seriously, it's never too late to start.

See, I teach this stuff - what I do for a living. And I've had students of all ages who've achieved wild success.

I teach this stuff because I WANT others to have this freedom.

It's not like I can do much more to be "more free" - at a certain point, more money is just a bigger number.

As weird as it sounds, how I earn my living gives me the freedom to teach people how to have also have this freedom.

So do you want to learn what I do for a living?

More importantly, do you want to learn how you can get started doing it too?

Get onto my free training here: .or.

You'll find out that the concept behind what I do is not complicated at all.

You'll find out that the tools I use to do this have been out there in front of you this whole time.

You'll find out that it can be started in your spare time, even if you don't have much.

You'll find out that it can be started with spare money too.

I don't teach something that makes people give up everything to pursue. That's risky and lame.

I teach something that nearly anyone anywhere can pursue.

I do have one warning though.

As automation eats into more jobs and globalization makes it easier for companies to outsource more jobs, it may not be that long before earning a living online is the only option for most people.

If and when that time comes, the amazing opportunity out there online today may get extremely saturated and difficult to succeed in at the start.

So there's no better time to learn how to do this than now.

Start here on my free training: .or.

I hope it helps you as much as it's helped the tens of thousands of my other students.

John Silva

%John C.

P.S. When some people think of business, they might think of one of their relatives that tried to start one once and it ended up failing. The truth is that most businesses out there are not internet businesses and require a ton of starting investment to get them off the ground, plus a massive about of time and effort.

What I do doesn't involve that. No inventory, no need for employees or contractors, no brick-and-mortar location to rent or buy, no customer service, no client relations, and as a result, no time or money wasted from all of those things.

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