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Fwd: The full scale global adoption of cryptocurrency is moving full steam ahead a virtual modern day gold rush

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Bloomberg's earth-shattering announcement just kicked crypto into high gear

With the launch of Bloomberg's Galaxy Crypto Index, the full-scale, global adoption of cryptocurrency from major banks and international financial institutions is moving full steam ahead. And if you're not yet up to speed on today's crypto market, the time to stand by is over. You see, one little-known coin is sitting at the center of this worldwide frenzy - and at this moment, it's still trading for a tiny fraction of Bitcoin's price. The sooner you move, the more money you could make...

apple After Apple's Big Announcements, the $1 Trillion Sweepstakes Heats Up

At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple Inc. unveiled its latest upgrades and products - and got oodles of headlines out of it. However, the conversation here on the ground is all about "The Sweepstakes." I'm talking about the race to be the first $1 trillion market-cap public company. And this race is possible because of what we've been talking about since Day 1 here: The road to wealth is paved by tech. Today, I'll tell you about Apple's big competition here. I'll let you know who I think the winner will ultimately be. And I'll show you how you can cash in on this race...

warren buffett Why Warren Buffett Wants to Buy Uber Stock... and Why You Shouldn't

Warren Buffet usually sticks with companies in tried-and-true industries, like insurance, transportation, and building materials, often avoiding the flashy tech startups of Silicon Valley. So, Buffett shocked the investing world when he tried to invest $3 billion in Uber Technologies Inc. earlier this year. But if you look deeper into Buffett's investing history, the move makes perfect sense. Retail investors won't get the opportunity to invest in the ride-hailing app company ahead of its eventual IPO. But that doesn't mean you can't leverage insider access to make your own fortune, too...

Horrifying Satellite Images

The South China Sea is about to get violent - and right now, a fatal battle plan is unfolding that could be deadlier than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 COMBINED. At the center of this is a terrifying superweapon capable of killing thousands of Americans - and certain events indicate the launch of these weapons could strike any moment. You truly need to see this to believe it... before it's too late.

ss Warning: Are you missing $23,441?

Audits by the Office of the Inspector General revealed a Social Security SHOCKER. A 33-year-long pattern of mistakes by Social Security employees has led to DRASTICALLY underpaid benefits for tens of thousands of Americans - and you could've been shortchanged up to $23,441 through no fault of your own! Now, the SSA has already 'fessed up' - but it's up to you to hold them accountable. With up to $23,441 on the table, I can't think of a reason why you'd hesitate...

catalysts The Catalyst That Could Drive Legal Cannabis to the $1 Trillion Mark

One thing that's keeping many of you folks up all night recently are all the stories about pot stocks' "heated valuations." Now, some marijuana stocks are, indeed, overpriced. But there so many catalysts lining up behind them - not least of which is legalization in 29 states - that earnings will rise enough to prove those valuations sound. But beyond legalization in California, Canada, and elsewhere, there's another catalyst out there. This latest catalyst, some folks believe, could launch legal marijuana into the $1 trillion zone. Take a look...

renewables Why Renewables Are Rapidly Becoming the Energy "Currency of Choice"

Deep in oil country is the last place you might expect to find wind turbines and solar panels. And yet Texas - the heart of oil country - produces more wind energy than the next three states combined. As Dr. Kent Moors explains, that's just the beginning of a monumental shift in the energy industry. To find out more, including how you could profit, and to get all of Kent's Oil & Energy Investor research free of charge, just click here.

silver Silver Prices Are Approaching a Key Breakout Point

A weakening dollar hasn't spurred silver prices like my colleague, Peter Krauth expected, but the indicators he's looking at show silver is nearing the tipping point it needs to surge higher. Geopolitical concerns have eased in Italy and Spain, and the U.S.-North Korea summit appears to be on once again for next week. But if things don't go smoothly there, then all bets are off. As for silver, Peter is breaking down its recent price movement and showing you the technical indicators he's looking at that are forecasting higher silver prices after the next rate hike. Check it out...

moneymaking Don't miss out on expert moneymaking recommendations

Keith is a seasoned market analyst and professional trader with more than 30 years of global investing experience. He is one of very few experts to correctly predict the crisis, and one of even fewer to help millions of investors around the world navigate it successfully. Keith's track record is one of the strongest in the industry... his recommendations could help you could turn just a $5,000 stake into a total $75,800 per month... Click here now to receive his elite moneymaking insights straight to your inbox in real time.

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