Monday, June 11, 2018

Fwd: Grow your email list 5x faster

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Subject: Grow your email list 5x faster
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How fast is your email list growing right now?

How would you feel if you could grow it 5X faster?

World-class bloggers and marketers such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and many others have all said that the single most effective tactic for growing their email list is…content upgrades.

And I agree!

That's why on Wednesday, June 13 (7 PM Pacific USA time) I am teaming up with an email marketing ninja Kasey Luck to teach a free, step-by-step training for creating and delivering content upgrades that convert.

Register now.

You will learn:

  • What content upgrades are and why they are so effective for list building
  • 3 best-converting formats
  • Psychological hooks you need to add to your blog post to get more people to sign up for content upgrades
  • A "set it and forget it approach" to delivering content upgrades — automate everything!
  • Top tips for making your sleeknotes convert higher


Look forward to seeing you there to join me and Kasey.





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