Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Fwd: James had NO LIST...and then this happened...

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Subject: James had NO LIST...and then this happened...
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I've seen some pretty awesome success stories in the past decade working with affiliates.

But it's hard for me to find one cooler than James Reid's.

You see, when James jumped into affiliate marketing he had no list.

Yes, you heard that right...

ZERO email subscribers.

But he didn't let that stop him!

He promoted a product he believed in and he made sales.

It's a pretty awesome story, and I tell even more of it in my newest video.

It's titled, "It's Possible: How to Scale Your Business From Nothing With Affiliate Marketing."

If you haven't yet, go watch it here:


Of course, I can't guarantee you'll get the results James did, but his story is PROOF that you don't need a big list (or any list at all) to succeed with affiliate marketing.

In addition to his story, I share several other stories AND five reasons that being small can actually be an advantage!

Don't let the feeling that you need a bigger following hold you back from affiliate marketing success. 

You can do it NOW.

Right where you are.

Go watch the video to learn how:


All the best,

João Silva



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