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Fwd: Where do you start, Friend?

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You're really doing a very brave thing when you're starting and growing an online business. Something most people never have the guts to do.

You're striking out into the unknown, feeling both fearful and excited at the same time. It's an odd mix of emotions and feelings...

But as uncomfortable as it can be, it lets you know you're alive.

That sinking stomach…

The racing heart…

The sweaty palms…

And the BIG, nagging question…

Where do I start?

I know how you feel - because I've been here myself. It seems like yesterday.

I decided that the simplest option for me to start building an online business was a blog, so I searched out and studied every good blog I could find.

One day I stumbled upon the Hubspot blog, and one of their articles said…

If you have an inkling of what you want to write about, or build an online business around, start a blog about that topic.

That makes sense, right?

And it got me thinking about what I might want to start a blog about. What was going on at that point in time that was exciting and fascinating to me?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!

At that time Facebook and Twitter were bursting onto the scene and I was fascinated with BOTH of them.

Obviously, I wasn't the only one! The rest of the world was jumping on board, too.

The incredible intersection of humanity and technology resonated with the pulse of the planet.

And at that moment, I found my topic. Content marketing and social media. I couldn't get enough of it. It was a true passion project.

I started the blog and started crafting the best content I could create at the time.

Looking back now, it was imperfect, amateurish, and full of grammatical errors.

How did I know that?

Because the "grammar police" who read my blog weren't shy people, and they were more than happy to let me know!

Here's the big takeaway…

It wasn't perfect, but I started. I published, and stumbled, and learned, and improved.

Building a brand and business online is tough.

It requires a burning passion, unflinching persistence, and a hunger for continual learning and innovation.

Right about now, you're probably thinking, "I have things I'm passionate about. So how do I turn my passion project into an online business?"

Fair question. And the answer is... One step at a time.

Step One:
You need to create a front door to your online brand. Building your digital portal… that is a website or a blog

Step Two:
You need to attract web traffic to your blog. Without hits and visitors to your website nothing happens.

Step Three:
You need to know how to create content that engages your visitors, educates, and builds trust and online credibility. In a digital world you are defined by your content.

Step Four:
You need to be able to convert that traffic and attention you've generated with your quality content into leads and sales.

That's it.

Easier said than done, right?

I know it seems like a lot, and there are two ways you can learn how to make all those things happen for you.

The first one is the way I did it.

That means figuring it out on your own, filling in the details along the way. It's a lot of trial and error.

The other way is to get help from someone who has walked in your shoes.

That's me. One of my great pleasures is helping others start and grow their online businesses… and I have something special to share with you.

Over the last few days I've sent you some hand selected content to help you get off to a strong start… including another one today.

But tomorrow, I'm going to tell you how you can use my experience, my wins, and my setbacks to your advantage and get your online business off to a head start.

So make sure you pay attention to your inbox tomorrow, because you're going to LOVE what I have in store for you.

But regardless of HOW you decide to begin… YOU MUST BEGIN.

I see so many people who never take the first step because they want to get everything "just right" before they release it out to the world.

The sad thing is… that day never comes. "Just right" never happens. And the result is that so many people with great potential never achieve the success they could have if they'd have simply begun.

A favorite mantra of mine is "Done is better than perfect". It's actually displayed in the foyer of the Facebook head office.

Because if you don't take action… nothing happens!!

If you think that the path to entrepreneurial success in the digital world is a get rich quick scheme, then you're in the wrong place.

You need to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

And like I said, you can do the work alone, or you can do it with help from someone who has been where you are today.

More on that tomorrow!

But I promised you a third article to help you on your road to building your online business, didn't I?

Well this one is really valuable!

Remember how I said that you have to find a way to convert the traffic that comes to your website into leads and sales?

This article will show you the best ways to do that using a very simple tool.

Read all about it here

And remember to keep watch for tomorrow's email!



Founder and CEO

PS. Tomorrow, I'm also going to tell you about some of the awesome hidden benefits that building an online business can bring. Benefits you probably don't know exist.


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